Boosted and chipped

Ruby our reluctant travelling companion had a trip to the vets today. Because of our imminent trip to Scotland we decided to get her booster injections up to date and have a microchip inserted.

The Microchip is inserted under the skin on her back. The chip carries her identification number, so that if she gets lost and is found. A vet or the police can scan the chip, punch in the number on the web site and our contact details will show up. She will need the chip to get her Pet passport to allow her to travel through out Europe. Hopefully this will become compulsory by law for all dogs soon, it should them eradicate the stray and lost dog problems.

She is just over two years old and weighs in at 2.6 kilos (5.7 lbs). The vet gave her a check over and pronounced her to be a healthy specimen. The first booster injection was given without any problem, but the syringe that they use to insert the microchip is enormous compared to her size. It’s the reason we have waited so long before we had her chipped; we needed her to get to her maximum size before putting her through this necessary ordeal. Guilt and cowardice meant we couldn’t watch this procedure being done.

Understandably she was feeling sorry for herself afterwards, but she has bounced back to her normal self.

I dread to think what she will be like when she has to go back for the second booster injection in 2 weeks time.



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