Rock and Anti Roll

The front anti roll bar bushes and drop links arrived from Transporters R us last week. I wanted to get them fitted before our trip to Scotland.

The weather was supposed to be dry today, so I jacked up the front of the camper and set it on axle stands. Wheels were removed and all the roll bar fittings were given a WD40 soaking.

As I had previously undone the mounting bolts when replacing the shock absorbers they didn’t put up much of a fight.


Replacement was a fairly easy job, the bushes were split to aid fitting and the drop links push on to the end of the roll bar and then bolted back on to the lower wishbone.

The bushes weren’t too badly worn, but as the drop links cost £12 for the pair and the bushes were £4.90 a pair it was a small cost in my quest to get this camper to go around corners.



The Results

Nothing noticeably different, but every thing I do has to make it better, if only by small amounts.


The next stage would be to either fit a Rear anti roll bar or fit airbags inside the rear coil springs. Both these options are expensive and if I going to do one of them I would expect the body roll to be virtually non-existent, so will be seeking advice from VW owners that have carried out the modification.



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