Chilling moment

Today I was day dreaming whilst looking out of the rear bedroom window and spotted a black Toyota Hiace van parked a little way up the road. It was the type favoured by funeral directors to transport a dead body when they were initially removing the deceased from a house.

In the front garden of the house was a group of five people all hugging each other and obvious to me to be grieving for a loved one.

At this point it would be respectful to stop watching, but I felt I had to wait to see the body being carried out to the van.

Eventually the group went inside and a little while later a man came out walking backwards and obviously carrying something heavy which I couldn’t see at this point. Next came another man carrying the other end of the load. I had to smile to myself when the load came into view.

It was a fridge !!!!!!!

It was swiftly followed by a mattress and various other items of furniture that they put in the back of the van.

The lesson learned today was “not everything is what it looks like”


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