Roughin in Puffin

Our trip to Scotland was upon us.

Sunday morning and I was loading food, clothes & sleeping bags into Puffin in readiness for our camping trip to Scotland.

It soon became apparent that I was over estimating the storage capacity and some of those can’t live without items that always accompanied us on our previous trips would have to be left behind.

Why did we always take three saucepans with us, as far as I remember we only ever used one saucepan, a frying pan & a kettle. To be honest cooking has never been a major event while camping just breakfast a.

When the chips are down it’s amazing how much junk and never used equipment can be ditched.

A teapot complete with knitted cozy and the whistling kettle were top of the list to go. I removed various items, mainly belonging to the extreme knitter. It will be interesting if she misses anything during the trip.

It was decided not give the Vango Airbeam awning an airing on this trip. Most of the trip would just be camping overnight in a single location then moving on and it wouldn’t be worth erecting it. The weight and space saving alone meant the extreme knitter could take more clothes and extra wool.

The fuel tank had been filled at Morrisons the night before using a 6p a litre off voucher I had saved specially for the occasion. I love a bargain me.

We set off on Sunday morning heading for the M6 Northbound.

Puffin is no racing machine with its non-turbo 2.4 diesel engine and a fixed high top that was as aerodynamic as a brick. On a trip this long I was looking for fuel economy. In fact fuel was going to be our biggest cost.

350 miles and 8 hours later we arrived at what I had planned to be our first campsite, the Camping & Caravan club site at Luss on the bonny banks of Loch lomond.

No problem I thought bound to be an available pitch. How wrong could I be? The site was water logged due to heavy rains and all the other campsites around were the same.

We drove up the A82 & pulled into one of the lay-bys that are beside the Loch and set back from the road.

Two other campervans were already parked up for the night. Working on the basis that there was safety in numbers we settled down for our first ever night of wild urban camping.

We were shattered from the days drive and slept heavily.


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