Stig of the dump

We woke up on a grey Wednesday morning at the Camping Club site in Edinbane. The temperature had dropped and rain threatened.

The previous evening had been interesting, it appeared that our night time pitch was on route to the rubbish bins and we had the entire campsite walk past us at some point on their way to dump their rubbish. The extreme knitter wasn’t happy and became territorial about her pitch with people walking close by the camper and I began to feel like “Stig of the dump”. Still one of my favourite books

All the campsites in the area were full and I hadn’t bothered to check beforehand as this was an “as it comes” trip.

It seemed that everyone had the same idea as us and were having their last camping trips in the Highlands before the female Midges came out in a couple of weeks time to cause pain and suffering. Having experienced the ferocity of the Midges on our last trip I was determined that I wasn’t going to be attacked on this trip. It’s difficult to believe that such a small creature can cause so much havoc.

Because of the problems finding an available camping pitch on Skye. I decide to ask if we could stay another night at the site even if it meant camping in the rubbish dump again. Although all the normal pitches were fully booked up a space was available by the reception office, so I took it. We were going up in the world, no flies on us.

It meant that we could drive around Skye and not have to worry about finding somewhere to sleep that night as Irish travellers occupied most of the lay-bys.

The Extreme knitter had picked up a guidebook on the ferry and complied a list of Craft & wool shops that were dotted around Skye that she wanted to visit, so off we went.

Once you turn off the main road on Skye you enter the world of single-track lanes with passing places. As the road is only wide enough for a single vehicle you have to pull into a passing place to allow on coming traffic to pass or allow faster drivers to overtake. It works well, but requires total concentration by the driver. After about 10 miles you start to feel the strain.

We travelled out into the Waternish area then to Glendale in Dutrinish.

These were Craft shops in extreme places. How they survived was beyond me because passing trade was virtually non-existent and you really had to be determined to visit.

We eventually returned to the main road again and decided to visit Portree the main town in Skye.

The route to Portree took us straight cross Skye over the mountains on a single-track road with stunning views.

We parked in the long stay car park at Portree and wandered around the town obviously looking at every craft & wool shop. Sandwiches and cakes were purchased and consumed. We strolled down to the small harbour, but everywhere was quiet and sort of deserted. I don’t think the rain helped.

Portree Harbour

Portree Harbour

Portree Harbour

Portree Harbour








“What about Ruby?” I hear you ask. Well, Ruby and I have taken to standing aimlessly outside various shops whilst the extreme knitter is inside purchasing a simply must have item.

We have come to accept that we will be accosted by every female that walks by young and old alike, not because of my rippling muscles and rugged good looks I might add, but because they all want to pamper Ruby.

If you are an eighteen-year-old youth and find it difficult meet girls buy a Yorkshire terrier and stand outside cupcake shops.

Shopping trip over, we trundle back to our prebooked pitch at Edinbane.

Puffins Pitch

Puffins Pitch

The campsite is situated on the side of Loch Greshornish, as dusk falls we take a walk along the side of the Loch. Ruby has done some walking on this trip and was tired out. It’s been an unusual trip for her and she hasn’t been keen on changing her normal routine.

Skye campsite

Skye campsite

Extreme knitter & Ruby by Loch Snizort

Extreme knitter & Ruby by Loch Greshornish








After supper we shut the curtains, pull the bed out and relax.

The hip flask makes an appearance and I have a cheeky Bacardi & Coke. Life is tough.

Jerry can Hip Flask

Jerry can Hip Flask


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