Phantom Huskies

We woke up on a Grey, drizzly Saturday morning at the C & C club site at Nairn. After a breakfast of Bacon Baps and cereals we set off for a walk in the forest following the way pointed route. Maps of the walk are freely available in the camp office, but hey, why bother, it was just a simple circular route and we would return back to the site. No problems

I blamed the extreme knitter and she blamed me. We were a little shocked to emerge from the forest on to the A96 main Aberdeen main road some distance from the site. Should we back track into the forest or walk along the road. It was decided that if we re-entered the forest we might never see civilisation again, so we trudged back along the busy road that we knew would pass the campsite entrance eventually.

This wasn’t the first time our combined sense of direction has failed us, but we never mention those times.

Shattered after our extended hike we all collapsed into Puffin and put the kettle on for a cuppa.

We needed to do some clothes washing or we would start to smell and the facilities at this site are excellent with washing machines, tumble driers and ironing available.

Once the washing was done we set off towards Inverness. Ruby hasn’t been happy when travelling along, never knowing where to sit and constantly wanting to move around. We had previously spotted a Pets at Home store in a retail park on the outskirts of Inverness when we were driving past, so we called in to look for a harness to clip her on to a seat belt on the rear seat. They were very helpful in store and tried on various ones and adjusting for her size.

There was a Tesco store on the retail site and as we had money off vouchers, in we went. We only bought a small amount of food. A decent cheese was top of the list as all we’ve been finding in the Coop was labelled as “coloured cheese”. What does that mean? What’s it coloured with? Do they give each block of cheese to primary school children and let them loose with the crayola?

The Bacardi was on special offer and combined with our money saving vouchers it became very tempting.

The Extreme Knitter picked up a bottle and said she would treat me.

No! No! I exclaimed! Don’t waste your hard earned pennies on me, but she threatened me with violence, so I had to reluctantly accept. I have a hard life.


The time passes so quickly and we were back at the campsite. I took Ruby for her evening walk in the forest. The evenings stay lighter up here and the forest takes on glow.

Ruby was running about off her lead, when I saw a pack of about five Huskies coming down the path towards us. They were straining on their leads and being held back by a figure that I couldn’t quite see.

I bent down to clip ruby on to her lead and when I looked up they had gone. They were no were to be seen. I walked up to the place I saw them and ruby started getting agitated, sniffing the ground and whimpering. She obviously sensed something, but we were alone.

I realised that this was the area in the forest that I always feel something magical. I had sensed it on our previous visits. I have taken photos at this place to try to capture what I’m seeing, but the photos never do it justice and just turn out bland.

Magical spot

Magical spot

Nairn Forest area

Nairn Forest area

Nairn Forest Path

Nairn Forest Path



There is no were else in the forest is like this.



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