Homeward Bound and Re-Entry

We woke up on a sunny Tuesday morning on the Lauder C & C club site . We stopped here for one night to break the homeward trip. A quiet site with a burn running through it makes it an ideal camp to be a touring base for the Scottish borders region.

No baps for breakfast this morning, just sliced bread, so bacon sarnies and a cup of tea were devoured under the Fiamma canopy. The first time it’s been wound out this trip. Am I the only one that feels like a shopkeeper setting up store when I wind the canopy out?

Lauder campsite with the Fiamma wound out

Lauder campsite with the Fiamma wound out

Lauder Campsite

Lauder Campsite

Our southbound journey saw us follow the A68 down through Jedburgh and right through the middle of the Northumberland National Park, an area we have never visited before.

We stopped briefly at Carter Bar the highest point hoping for a photo opportunity of Puffin on the Scottish / English border, but a coach load of Japanese tourists pulled up and took over site.

We eventually joined the A1 and stopped for coffee and a sandwich at the Washington service area.

As we past Newcastle, the Angel of the North came into sight. I’m always in awe of this figure for its simple, but stunning design and its engineering prowess.


Angel of the north

Angel of the North

Angel of the North

I had thought about heading for Bakewell in Derbyshire for an overnight stop, but as the miles passed on the south bound M1 and home was getting closer we both decided that we should keep driving and head back home.

Apart from an over zealous Eddie Stobart driver who tailgated us through the road works in a 50 mph speed limit, the trip was fairly uneventful motorway driving.

Driving into our hometown and re-entry to our normal lives after a trip away seems strange and a little sad as another adventure comes to an end.

Bring on the next one.



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