Positives and Negatives two

Our activities for the days fell into a routine of a late breakfast and then the Extreme knitter and Granddaughter went in the swimming pool until lunchtime whilst I cleaned up and fiddled with bits and bobs on the camper.

We would go off driving to various places in the afternoons, returning for supper and the granddaughter would play with her newly made friends on the trampoline until dusk.


We visited Seatown, Chideock after driving down the single-track road we emerged at Seatown situated at a dead-end, right by the beach. Seatown consists of a car park, a shingle beach, the Anchor pub and a toilet block.

It initially looked good, but following a incident with a rude, sarcastic car park attendant I was stressed to say the lest. I tried to ignore it, but it left me festering. The only words I spoke were “ where was it best to park?” so I don’t know what set him off.

After parting with £4 to park all day we had lunch and walked down to the beach, used the grotty toilet and decided not to stay. It was one of those situations when with hindsight I wish I had told him to stick his car park up his arse.

I had chosen to visit Seatown as I wanted to take our Granddaughter fossil hunting and this was supposed to be the best place.

We headed for Lyme Regis and spent time looking in the fossil shop.

There comes a time in the day when tea and cakes are required, so we headed for a small Deli/café and placed our order. Unfortunately for me, but much to the amusement of the E/Knitter and Granddaughter, the waitress spilt a small jug of milk over my trousers. This day was getting worse.

When we returned to the campsite I adjusted the passenger side door mirror downward, to be able to see the awning markers when reversing and the mirror dropped out. The swivel had broken, so a temporary repair was made using insulating tape and soft toy stuffing (yes, the extreme knitter had actually packed a bag of toy stuffing material just in case she wanted to make some woollen toys).

I had a Bacardi and Coke and went to bed hoping that nothing else would occur.

Next morning I noticed two small chinks of light in the awning wall. Closer inspection showed two small burn holes caused by sparks from one of the neighbours fire pit.

Oh happy days.


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