All Positives and no Negatives


We went to Seaton and noticed that a new large Tesco store had been built since our last visit. Tesco allow 3 hours free parking, so after doing a quick shop (baps, burgers and bangers) we took a short walk to the beach.

The Granddaughter emptied my pockets of any loose change to play the 2p cascade game in the amusement arcade. How addictive is that game?

Seaton has a wonderful tramline that runs beside the river, which is well worth the trip.

On the way back to the campsite we stopped in Axminster because the Extreme knitter had spotted a fabric shop.

Tea and cakes for the day were consumed at the River Cottage Canteen Axminster. One of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls three restaurants. It really was a good cup of tea. We each had a different cake, so that we could have a test nibble of each one. It was noticeable that my Lemon drizzle cake was being excessively sampled.

The restaurant also housed a shop/deli with mouth-watering pies and delicacies.

I think that I got off lightly that the E/knitters only purchase was a woollen throw considering what she could have bought.

River Cottage Canteen Axminster

River Cottage Canteen Axminster

Later in the evening we barbequed the burgers and bangers. I washed the feast down with a cheeky vintage Bacardi and coke.

Two Owls, hooting in the trees just above the campervan, woke me in the early hours. They were calling to another owl in the distance. One of the pleasures of camping is listening to nature’s sounds.


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