The Final Upgrade

In my quest to cut down Puffins body roll that has me clenching my buttock cheeks on right hand bends and roundabouts, I decide to go the whole hog and retro fit a rear anti roll bar.

Sunday Morning and I found some time to fit the rear anti roll bar to Puffin. It has been sat in the garden shed for a few weeks

The bar and fitting parts are still available from Volkswagen and researching the VW T4 owner’s forum produced a necessary parts list right down to the Rivinuts that have to be fitted in the chassis and trailing arm.

Fitting the bar was fairly easy. The hardest part was installing the extra long VW Rivinuts, as a special insertion tool was required that would cost approx £120. I managed to borrow a tool, as there were only 14 nuts to fit and I didn’t have any further use for it.

Once the nuts were inserted it was just a matter of bolting the brackets to the chassis member and bolting the anti roll bar to the brackets and rear trailing arms with the rubber bushes fitted.

VW T4 camper Rear anti roll bar

VW T4 camper Rear anti roll bar

Rear anti roll bar mounting

Rear anti roll bar mounting

Volkswagen fitted the rear anti roll bar as standard to the T4 ambulances, so there must have been a need for it.

The results have proved to be impressive. Puffin holds the road so much better, not in a boy racer type of way (puffin is never going to be racing car), but feels sure-footed.

Definitely worth the investment

Part numbers and quantities that I purchased from TPS to complete the job. Total cost at the time was £260.22 including VAT.

VW Part No                           Description                No required

701 511 409C                         Stabilizer                     1 off

701 8049330                          Bracket                         2 off

701511417                              Clip                               4 off

701 511413                             Mounting                    4 off

N 10295201                            Rivit Nut                      12 off

N 90408504                            Rivit  Nut                     2 off

N0102336                                Screw                          4 off

N0102186                                Screw                          12 off


4 thoughts on “The Final Upgrade

  1. Hi,
    I have started same project with my VW T4 multivan 1999 model
    Could please can send part nr. for brackets required Rear anti roll bar assembling to the bus chassis.

  2. Hi yes of course I can. I have now added the Parts list and quantities required at the bottom of the post to help anyone looking to do the same job. Hope this helps 🙂

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