The Motor home & Caravan show

I won some complementary tickets to the Motor home and Caravan show held at The NEC Birmingham.

Sunday morning and after a 20 minute drive to the NEC we boarded the shuttle bus heading for the exhibition hall. I had actually made a list of things we needed to look at (a first for me).

Puffin’s upholstery is in good condition, but is a dated design. The flowery curtains and cut moquette seating speaks volumes about the 90’s.

Dated design very 90's

Dated design very 90’s

We started to collect estimates to transform our camper into something a little more up to date, but would we agree on the fabrics.

Surprisingly we had similar ideas of what we wanted. The estimates varied by as much as £500 difference.

We had discussed whether it was worth spending a substantial sum on our aging campervan purely on a cosmetic change. I think the clincher was that we could replace the foam in the rock and roll bed for something softer and easier on our aging bones.

We would never get the cost back if we ever sold, but this adventure isn’t about investment. It’s about enjoying ourselves and feeling comfortable.

We have narrowed our chosen upholsterer down to Careavan based fairly nearby in Birmingham. We will be taking Puffin to their showrooms and make our fabric choices and check out their quality next month.

After our decision to make Poland our touring trip for next year I was hoping that there would be Polish camping info at the show, but alas nothing.

Having seen everything we wanted to and purchasing a few odds & ends we headed home.

A fairly new fish & chip restaurant just outside Henley in Arden called Finest Catch was our next stop and very enjoyable it was.


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