Push me pull you door knobs

The push/lock button catches on Puffins cupboards and draws were showing their 19 years worth of wear. They had lost the plated finish with all the pushing and pulling over the years.

New and old

New and old

The last time I searched for replacements I only came up with units to replace the complete catch/lock assembly costing £8.90 each. The ten catches would set us back £89.00, which was beyond our budget for something purely cosmetic.

Recently someone on a forum put up a link to a company that supplied just the push button and rosette part, low & behold they were just £1.23 each, now we’re talking.

Locks On line

The Trident Autosleeper cupboards were the 13mm door thickness.

Replacement was quite easy, just unscrew the knob from the cupboard front.

Unscre knob

Unscre knob

Remove the two locating screw that hold the lock mechanism in place and withdraw the lock.

Removing lock

Removing lock

This reveals the rosette which can be removed by prising it out of the hole our by cutting it with a hacksaw. They can be a tight fit and you have to take care note to mark the door.

Cabinet push buttons (14)

The new rosette can by pushed into place. The lock and knob can then be reassembled.

New knob fitted

New knob fitted

We are pleased with the result.



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