Dash cam, Seat covers and Curtains

Technology has been the bain of my life, but I am being dragged kicking and screaming into a gadget related future.

The recent purchase of a Mobius camera to use as a dash cam has been a fairly easy and logical move towards

Its obvious use is to video any motoring misdemeanours or recording accidents in front of you as they happen or to you for that matter.

Russian drivers use them all the time as can be seen on the numerous video uploads on you tube.

The reviews on the Mobius have been good as can be seen here


The Mobius can be carried around to take video or photographs of trips with a battery life of 2 hours.

The video quality is good for a camera the size of a tic tac mint box. The images are stored on a 32gig Micro SD card giving approximately 4 hrs recording time and it is set to record on a loop.

An incident last year whilst driving through the road works on the M1 motorway made me realise that I needed to take steps to protect us from idiots.

We were tailgated by an Eddie Stobart lorry to the point that it was only 2 feet away from our rear door at times.

Having driven trucks myself I knew that there was no way he could see our standard brake lights when he was that close.

Puffin is a 19-year-old VW that was built long before the advent of the high level brake lights as seen mounted in the top of the rear tailgates of later vehicles.

To make us more visible to other road user I decided to retro fit a high level brake light.

I used a Durite LED high-level brake light that adheres to the inside of the rear window. Being LED it gave a bright light and doesn’t add any extra overload to the existing brake light circuit.

Purely from a comfort and a looking cool point of view I have carried out some changes in Puffin.

I came across a sew on leather steering wheel cover on E bay and after a little research decided that fitting one to Puffin would not only tidy up a worn steering wheel, but also be more comfortable.

Although there are plenty of suppliers out there I purchased a black with grey stitching cover from Mr Steering Wheel.

Although the first cover supplied was incorrect being for a later model VW T4 they quickly replaced it with a perfect fitting cover.

(note) The wheel size on pre mid 1996 steering wheels without an airbag are 113.8cm overall circumference and the circumference of the wheel grip is 9.2cm

Now I’m no sewing expert, but after watching the fitting video I felt I could conquer this project.





And after




We decided that we couldn’t afford to have Puffin totally reupholstered, as we had wanted. We have however had new curtains made by Careavan at Rubery, as the chintz pattern was just too much to live with.

Old Curtains

Old curtain (1320 x 990)

New Curtains

New curtains (2) (1320 x 990)

The two front cab seats were covered in a 1990’s pattern cut moquette fabric and it was like driving whilst sitting on your granny’s sofa. Something had to be done, so I ordered a pair of tailored seat covers from J C Covers.   Seat Covers

Old pattern

VW t4 Transporter seat (990 x 1320)

We went for a plain grey cover with a subtle grey patterned fabric insert to tone it down. The quality and fit are excellent, more importantly they were significantly cheaper than having the seats reupholstered.

New Covers

New seat cover (990 x 1320)

The rock & roll bed is still the 90’s moquette fabric, but we cover it with various throws.

We have unfortunately had to cancel our trip to Poland as the costs were spiralling and we would have needed more than the planned 10 days to make the trip feasible.

We have plenty of trips planned around the UK, perhaps even a visit to the Scottish Highlands again.



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