Cornwall Revisited

Having Puffin has opened up our ability to camp and visit places we couldn’t go to for various reasons when using our folding camper, but one site that we had visited before with the folding camper was Trethem Mill Campsite, St Just in Roseland in Cornwall.

Trethem Mill Campsite

I’m not one for well organised manicured campsite with regimented rows of caravans, but this manicured site is different. The award winning site is laid out in nooks and crannies created by hedges giving privacy and a random layout feel to it.


They appear to be running out of wall space to display the accolades they keep winning. The facilities are superb and clean. There is a massive dog exercising area and a kids exercising area, but still retains it’s chilled out atmosphere.

We decided to revisit the site in July in our campervan. Booking seven nights meant we could use our Vango drive away awning that attaches to the side of the campervan giving us a lot more living area


Fish & Chip van visits on Saturday and Wednesday evening and a stone baked pizza van visits on a Friday evening.

We always feel guilty not bringing Ruby with us, as the campsite dog facilities are one of the best we’ve visited, but shopping. Eating out and the restrictions on dog walking on the beaches during the summer would hamper our enjoyment.

I know that they say the trip is about the journey not the destination, but the journey down the M5 and A30 is not interesting. When you are sitting in yet another traffic jam it becomes a nightmare and the destination is the ultimate desire.

After 5 and a half hours driving to get here the fish & chips were welcome.


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