Today is the right day

Today is the right day to start our adventure.

In the words of Willie Nelson’s song

‘On the road again,     Goin’ places that I’ve never been.     Seein’ things that I may never see again And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

It’s Sunday morning and we headed out on our trip to Scotland. We had previously visit Scotland in May last year. We are visiting in September this time to firstly avoid the last of the summer midges, but also to experience how Scotland starts to change with the onset of autumn.

eeny miney mo

Our Scottish trips start out with a basic plan “drive to Scotland”. After that it changes on a daily basis, that’s the beauty of travelling in a campervan. We try to visit places we haven’t been before, some will disappoint and we will move on to somewhere more pleasing while some places will pull like a magnet, making it difficult to leave. I know that if we reach Nairn at any time during this visit we will experience that pull.

Our loosely formed aim was to travel as far north as possible up the western highlands, cut across to John O Groats to complete our End to Enders tour with some bits thrown in the middle, which since visiting Lands end in July has become a goal.

We will travel back down the East coast. Deciding which places we would visit and stop overnight as we moved around. This route has now been named the North Coast 500 in an attempt to recreate the legendary Route 66 in Scotland. I don’t think you can force a legend, it’s something that happens and evolves without any planning or media marketing. There are obviously some must see places that have to be visited because they are there.

With the high mileage we would be travelling the most expensive part of this trip was going to be fuel. In bid to cut down our costs I decided to wild camp more on this trip. With campsites charging on average £20 to £25 per night if we can wild camp for six out of the twelve nights that would save £150. That £150 would pay for 1000miles travel. We need to pace our selves and use a campsite every other night just to allow us to empty the toilet and grey water tank, shower and launder clothes. Two consecutive nights wilding would be the limit from a hygiene point of view.

Cost saving is one thing, but the upside of this plan is waking up beside a loch or on a quayside and that experience is priceless.

There are people that insist that it shouldn’t be called wild camping when using a campervan, that only camping in a bivy on a snow laden mountain side being worthy of the term. Lets face it sleeping somewhere other than on a campsite is friggin wild to me.


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