Loch Lomond and an up lifting experience

After 354 miles we finally reach the shores of Loch Lomond and parked up for the evening in a lay-by on the A82 beside the Loch. It is in fact the same lay-by we used on our trip last year.

The view the following morning was a freebie.loch lomond

loch lomond 1

After spending a quiet night there and having had bacon baps for breakfast, we drove the quarter of a mile back to visit Luss.

The normally quiet car park at Luss was heaving. A film crew had taken over most of the car park with trucks and large trailers. We didn’t find out what they were filming.

We drove on towards Fort William where we filled up with diesel and replaced an Lpg bottle at Morrisons .

Suitably refuelled we travelled on to our next destination.

The Nevis Range Gondola.

For the cost of £22 the three of us were whisked up the side of the mountain in a small gondola hanging from an endless cable. This was a ride never to be forgotten. The extreme knitter had no idea about this trip, so this little side excursion came as a surprise. The views from the top were stunning and the weather forecast that had predicted mist and drizzle were completely wrong and we sat on the top station decking getting a suntan.




Ruby drank from the mountain stream like she had never tasted water like it before and had to be dragged away in the end.


The downward return was like the top of the big dipper as the gondola went over the edge at what seemed like an alarming speed that had us both screaming like a couple of girls.


Safely at the bottom station we returned to Puffin to decide were we were going to spend our night.


If in the area I always visit the Comando Memorial at Spean Bridge, as my father trained as a Comando here.

From here on the early evening became eventful. I decided to set the sat nav for our next destination and thought we would just find a suitable lay-by on that route.

We’ve always agreed that when wild camping we would be guided by our gut feeling about a place to overnight. If either of us weren’t happy with it then we would find somewhere else. Having driven past many such places it was starting to get dark and we were getting desperate to find a pitch. We found a deserted lay-by and pulled in. As we go out to have a look at our new found pitch we were attacked by midges and at the same time a train thundered past on the track that was only 3 metres away.

In the end we back tracked some distance to a forestry commission view point overlooking Loch Carron that the E knitter had previously spotted earlier. Luckily, there was space even though there were already two other campervans there.

Loch Carron view point

Later in the night a car pulled up behind us and a young guy put up a popup tent on a small piece of grass.

The night passed quietly and we woke to an amazing view looking over Loch Carron. We started with a lazy morning and our neighbours from the previous evening moved on and we were alone.


A coach pulled in and we were suddenly surrounded by a mass of Canadian tourists taking photos of the views whilst we ate our breakfast (bacon baps).

It was like being in a goldfish bowl as they peered through our windows. They all boarded the coach ten minutes later and left.

From then onward a steady stream of cars, motorbikes and cyclists pulled in and the visitors took photos and left.

Then an old Ford Escort pulled in front of us and a large German guy started to assemble a table, laid out packs of coffee, set up a gas stove to start selling coffee to the stream of sightseers.

At this point he walked across the road and urinated in the hedge. The assembled visitors stood with dropped jaws when he returned, asking everybody if they wanted to buy a coffee without washing his hands.

If you are ever in Loch Carron never buy coffee from a German guy on the road side.

In fact if you are ever tempted to buy from a vendor in a lay-by, ask yourself two questions

1 Where do they go to the toilet?

2 Where do they wash their hands?

It was time to move on.




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