We travelled the few miles from our previous night overnight stay at Loch Carron towards Kishorn.

Kishorn has a famous seafood cafe, so we stopped and ordered Jacket potatoes with a crab meat filling for our lunch. Its reputation for excellent seafood and customer service is well deserved.


Applecross has been one of my must visit destinations for many years. Access to the village is via the Bealach na ba (the cattle road), which is the steepest single-track road in the UK being one of the major attractions. The road is 11.4 miles long and reaches 2054 ft over a distance of about 5 miles whilst clinging to the side of the mountain with alpine like hairpin corners in the upper section. It was the only access road to Applecross up until 1975 when a road from Sheildaig in the north was built, although that is single track.



The Bealach na ba is also the third highest road in Scotland. I wonder where the highest is?

Having read many accounts of driving the cattle pass and how hair raising it was, the expectations for the drive were set.

Bearing in mind that Puffin is a twenty year old campervan with a non-turbo diesel engine, she steadily climbed the mountainside without any problem. The drive is exciting and I would certainly do it again.

There is a parking area at the top where you can admire the well earned view.



Having wild camped the previous two nights we decided to stay at the only campsite in Applecross.

Applecross Campsite


This campsite appeared on the Time team television program when they excavated a Broch on the site.

Applecross Heritage

Unfortunately it’s also renowned for its Midge population, who due to the good weather had decided to come out in force and eat me.



We took the short walk down into Applecross village from the campsite.



The Deer roam around the woodland opposite the community run petrol station and across the campsite.


The Applecross Inn has an excellent reputation for it food and entertainment.

The converted Airstream caravan park opposite the Inn sold coffee and snacks.






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