The End to Enders

We drove the 17 miles from Dunnett head to visit the last town in Great Britain.


We rolled into John o Groats about 11 o’clock having reached our “End to Ender” goal.


The place was busy with 44 cyclist all posing by the famous sign having completed the Lands end to John o groats trip.

The extreme knitter bought a post card to send to our granddaughter with the John O Groats postmark on them.

Then she posed with Ruby at another sign post with someone in mind


We eventually had the main sign post to ourselves to take the obligatory photo to show we had become “End to enders” in our own less strenuous way.


We bought fish and chips from a kiosk on the harbour which were superb. Talking to the man at the fish and chip shop it seemed that not everthing was not as good as it appeared.

The shops there were struggling to stay in business as although the place attracted large amounts of visitors they usually arrived to have there photo taken, then they climbed aboard there transport and left without spending any money.

He said that the following day they were expecting 800 cyclists to arrive on mass which would mean the whole place would be overrun, but they weren’t expecting any increase in business.

The whole place seemed a little run down with a lot of empty shop premises.


The refurbish hotel looked nice and with the North Coast 500 becoming popular perhaps the retail side will pick up. It’s going to take some outside of the box thinking to turn it around






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