Horses Heads

Wednesday and we are leaving the Scone campsite with the sat nav programmed for Berwick on Tweed as the destination, but travelling via Stirling. The route is not direct because I have driven over the Forth road bridge so many times in the past and I wanted to see or a least drive past the Kelpies.

The two gigantic horse head statues that over look the M9 motorway.


The Kelpies at the Helix

The Scottish English border was crossed just north of Berwick on Tweed. The parking at Berwick is now free, but you have to buy a time card for £1 to show when you arrived. Go figure.

A walk around the town and Tea & cake in a courtyard café.

As always we stop at Morrisons for diesel and food supplies.

We set about trying to find a campsite for the night. The nearest was Beadnall C & C club site, but that was waterlogged. Others that I phoned were booked up. Eventually I found a site with vacancies, but it meant back tracking up into Scotland

This was going to be our last sleep in Puffin for this trip and we are taking it at Dunbar C & C Club site.


The following morning we set off on the long drive. Heading home after a fantastic road trip with challenges, goals, achievements and loads of laughs.



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