Puffin on Tour

Whilst driving home on the last leg of out trip, we discussed what we thought about it.

This trip was selfish on my part as I had wanted to drive the route with its challenges and visit some must see places in our lifetime.

Prior to starting I had worried that the extreme knitter might find all the travelling a bit much, but she’s a game girl and enjoyed the experience and the surprise places I had planned.

The problem now was what do we do to follow this trip.

The trip was demanding, as the time schedule meant we had to keep moving on. With more time we could have stopped and seen so much more. If we ever get to visit Scotland again it would be to visit a smaller area and take in everything that region has to offer.

The most important aspect of this trip was that we both forgot our troubles and problems back at home. We lived each day as it came and enjoyed the freedom from routine.

This was a true Escape Route.


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