Adventure & Overland Show 2015

The fourth Adventure Overland show was being held on the 26th & 27th September at the Stratford upon Avon racecourse.Adventure Overland 2015 (3)

Puffin was our choice of transport for the short trip to the racecourse on the Saturday morning.

There wasn’t any hold up at the entrance or parking at the show , as this is a well organized event.

There were some new exhibitors and plenty of trade stands selling all those must have, even if you haven’t a use for it items. So much to see, where do we start.

Adventure Overland 2015 (4)

There seemed to be more visitors wandering around than last year show. It was quite busy and the sun was shining making it an enjoyable affair.

When you look at the vehicles and destinations that they have travelled to, you can’t help getting itchy feet.

Adventure Overland 2015 (11)

Adventure Overland 2015 (6)

Adventure Overland 2015 (13)

Ruby came with us and enjoyed the attention from all the other visiting dogs.

Our Granddaughter was dragged along kicking and screaming, but she enjoyed it in the end.

I found my dream truck. A German converted Mercedes with a fabulous interior.

***Please Note*** (added April 2016) I made a mistake when I stated that the Mercedes was converted in Germany.

It is in fact an excellent DUTCH conversion by Adventure Trucks. There web site can be viewed here

Adventure Overland 2015 (18)

Adventure Overland 2015 (15)

Adventure Overland 2015 (17)

Adventure Overland 2015 (16)

The extreme knitter was slightly disappointed with the lack of varied catering compared to last year and no craft marquee this year.

There is always a good turnout of VW T25 Syncros that I have a soft spot for.

The car park had interesting vehicles, like this Ariel Leader

Adventure Overland 2015 (30)

The range of display vehicles was extensive.

This Tiger is the star of a blog

Adventure Overland 2015 (22)

Adventure Overland 2015 (21)

Adventure Overland 2015 (2)

Adventure Overland 2015Adventure Overland 2015 (9)

Adventure Overland 2015 (12)

Adventure Overland 2015 (8)

Adventure Overland 2015 (24)

Adventure Overland 2015 (7)


I’m already looking forward to the next show in September 2016.



7 thoughts on “Adventure & Overland Show 2015

  1. You said you “I found my dream truck. A German converted Mercedes with a fabulous interior.”

    Thank you for the compliment but we are definitely NOT German but a DUTCH company that converted the van into your dream truck.

    We are from Holland !

  2. Erik, I’m so sorry for the mistake. I really must check my facts before I post in the future. I will put a correction on the post. Hopefully see you at the show this year.

  3. Hi, found your blog from a redirect to our blog – thanks for adding us to your links 🙂 Having a quick browse I see you’ve been to the AO show for the last few years, we’ve been regular visitors too. That Merc was also a favourite of ours. Anyway, there’s a similar show this coming weekend near Brecon – HUBB. Mostly aimed at motorcyclists, but I think they are trying to encourage more vans, 4x4s and trucks. Thought it might interest you. We’re going to go, looks some interesting talks on, Anyhow, looking forward to reading about your travels.

  4. Hi, Thanks for responding. I really liked the wood block wall in the Merc. I going to see if I can recreate it in our camper.
    The AO show is only a few miles away from us and it would be wrong not to go.
    Do you camp on the site over the weekend or go as a day visitor?
    I have seen the HUBB advertised in the past and always presumed it was mainly bike orientated. I also thought it was always at Donnington, Just shows how wrong I can be.
    Brecon has to be an ideal area for an overland show. I don’t think we could make it this weekend, but I’ll watch out for it in the future. Hopefully you will be posting a report about it (with plenty of photos).. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for sometime especially the wild camping posts in the UK.

    • Yes, we camp at the AO show, to far away from us for a day trip. I’ve always found it to be a nice relaxing weekend and so far I’ve resisted the urge to trade the van for a land cruiser! Hopefully get there again this year.

      HUBB was good. Very different to the AO show. Yes it’s mostly motorbikes but there was a good contingent of trucks and landies. Location was good, although camping field was a bit soggy! Thought we’d have to get towed out, which would have been embarrassing… It was our first one, but I know the location they used to use at Donnington from past music festivals – it’s very noisy there with he planes and race track. So I can understand why they moved.

      Thanks for the comments on the blog. Not sure we’ll do a post about it, didn’t take many photos, will put them up on FB probably. Massively behind with the blog at the moment and only managed one wild camp this year (Dover), so many problems with the van we’ve been using campsites for peace of mind. Once the new engine is run it we’ll be back hiding in the woods 🙂

      • Sorry to hear about your engine problems. I didn’t realise that you had to have a second rebuild. It’s a pain when things get in the way of enjoying ourselves.

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