My Mi-fi, Your Mi-fi or Our Mi-fi

When we are out on our adventures, if I couldn’t get a free campsite Wi-Fi connection, I would use a PAYG 3 Sim card in a dongle.

Top it up with £10 for 1 Gb of usage for 30 days, jobs a good un.

This has been ok, but a little hit or miss depending on the signal strength.

It also meant that although I could connect my Net book, the extreme knitter couldn’t have internet connection on her beloved Kindle.

The Extreme knitter bought me a Huawei mobile Mi-fi for my birthday which creates a Wi-Fi hot spot in the campervan using my PAYG 3 Sim card and allows up to 10 people to log on to my internet connection. Now you can see what’s transpiring here.

I get a birthday present that just by some happy coincidence benefits the E/Knitter.

I wonder if I could get away with buying her a Cordless drill for her birthday.

I have to say that the Mi-fi performance is a league ahead of using the dongle. It has a 6 hour battery life and copes well with the two of us connected. As long as the E/knitter doesn’t try to download the Shawn the Sheep movie we will be alright.


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