Bitter sweet day

Today is a proud, but sad day for us as our Grandson is joining his regiment in Newcastle after training at the Army College for nearly two years since leaving school. He has turned eighteen and become his own man. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I taught him to ride a bike, went canoeing and took him on his first camping trips. His Nan has smothered him with love and home cooking. I hope that between us we have given him some guidance.

His Army career is taking an almost identical route to that of his Great Grandfather. Both with the Royal Artillery, both serving in Scottish regiments, both having similar combat roles working behind enemy lines. The only difference is the technology involved.


I envy his confidence and abilities; he will excel at his future tasks.

Although we are immensely proud of his achievements, we are still his Grandparents and we will always worry about him.

Stay safe Sam.



2 thoughts on “Bitter sweet day

  1. He will be a wonderful credit to you both and make you very proud. How could he not, with incredible grandparents like both of you? xx

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