The Walk of Shame

The downside of the campervan way of life is disposing of the contents of the Porta Loo.

Like all the other caravaners & motorhome users on the campsite there comes a time when the Porta Loo needs emptying. That lonely walk to the chemical disposable point carrying a full toilet cassette is “the walk of shame”.

You feel as if you are being watched by the entire campsite, so I try and plan my cassette emptying when most of our campsite neighbours have left the site for the day.

There is an upside to this. Once your proudly sat in the camper smug in the knowledge that your Porta loo is clean & empty, you can sit back to watch others doing the walk of shame.

I restrict the porta loo usage to number ones only for one reason.

I would be like the lady in this video.

I do tend to do the driving as I’m not a good passenger and the extreme knitter is always complaining that I don’t let her drive. Funnily enough I have yet to hear her moan that I never let her empty the Porta Loo.


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