OK diner


The Sun was out after a frosty start to the morning. The open road was calling, so I shoved the E/Knitter into the campervan and after a couple of buttock clenching attempts to start Puffin she eventually fired up.

Looks like we’ll have to invest in a new starter battery.

Off we went, heading firstly towards Worcester then onward to Leominster. We were just driving around for the sake of it.

An old familiar sign appeared at a roundabout on the A49 at Leominster.

ok diner 33 (1988 x 836)

One of the OK Diner chain of American themed diners that we used to visit back in the 90’s.

OK Diner

They still six sites, but the old ones at Lye in the West Midlands and Weston Super Mare have long gone.

We had to stop for old times sake.

Furnished in 50’s Americano style with menu to match it’s difficult to decide what to order.

Puffin at the Diner

ok diner1 (1418 x 1038)

I’m now an OK Rocker and get a 15% discount with my loyalty card.

ok rocker (1988 x 1104)

Suitably fed and watered we wandered home.



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