Should it stay or should it go?

Keeping a 20 year old campervan on the road is never a cheap option and there is always the expense of MOT test, insurance and road tax at the beginning of the year before you even turn a wheel.

Because we don’t travel to exotic destinations I don’t think we can fund our travels with crowd sourcing or selling our story to a Travel magazine. I’ve decided to sell our junk to help pay for our future trips. E Bay is due to become our benefactor

Old Beatles vinyl LPs, redundant camping equipment in fact anything I can lay my hands on is being listed. The advantage to this apart from the extra cash is the fact that we are freeing up our lives of clutter. Parting with stuff is difficult. The things that we’ve had for years that we can’t possibly do with out. These are the same things that have been in the loft and haven’t seen the light of day for 30 years. We’ve somehow managed to forget these items for all that time, but as soon as they make a reappearance we can’t part with them.

Discipline and a stout heart are the order of the day. The junk needs to go.

The Adventure Fund ex pickle jar

adventure fund


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