Fat Saturday

After yesterdays cake disaster I needed to get back on the horse and attempt a successful dish.

I nipped out to Puffin our campervan and returned with the tiny egg frying pan.

mini pancake  (1) (2000 x 1500)

Today’s speciality is going to be Pancakes because I’m celebrating “Fat Saturday”. Yes I know pancakes are easy for most people, but I’m not most people when it comes to cooking.

Instead of the extra large rectangular pancakes that were produced on Fat Tuesday   in the Boatie frying pan. I wanted the smaller, thicker ones with raisins and a hint of lemon. I’m sure I have seen them in Morrison’s supermarket called Scotch Pancakes

scotch pancakes

The Extreme knitter showed me how the make a batter mix (I did say I couldn’t cook) and left me to it.

No raisins in the larder, so I used sultanas and they are juicier than raisins anyway.

mini pancake  (4) (2000 x 1500)

Having been prewarned that adding lemon juice to the batter mix might not be a good thing. The lemon would be added later after cooking.

mini pancake  (6) (2000 x 1500)

I served the E/ knitter my version of a Scotch pancake with a dollop of Mackie’s Scottish ice-cream and to win favour I sprinkled it with chocolate.

mini pancake  (8) (2000 x 1500)

Success, nothing burnt, which is always good for me and she asked for seconds.

I’ve been checking her vital signs on an hourly basis and she seems to have survived the ordeal.


2 thoughts on “Fat Saturday

  1. Blooming ‘eck, none reached me at number 9 so I’m very upset. They look delish. Hope you enjoyed the CAKE I SENT ROUND TO YOU MR.!!!!

  2. Soz Deb. I did enjoy your cake thank you and lets face it pancakes need to be consumed straight from the pan. Blame the Extreme knitter she ate most of them. Just be thankful I didn’t send my previous creation around. Em pinched some and now three days later she’s feeling sick and blaming me. I’m sure she’s working on a compensation claim as we speak.

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