On the island

After a peaceful night at Castle Corner camp site I took Ruby for a quick walk around the area whist the Extreme knitter made the bacon rolls for breakfast. We departed about 11.30 and drove northward through Dumfries on the A78 heading for Ardrossan ferry port.

As always there was a now compulsory stop at Morrisons to fill up with diesel and add more diesel rhino. The Kilmarnock store benefitted from our pennies this trip. On a random note I did mention to the Extreme knitter that maybe we should try to visit every Morrisons store in the country. She didn’t reply, but gave me one of those long despairing looks and gently shook her head. I thought it was a good idea. I did wonder if I should contact Morrisons with a new marketing idea.

Morrisons Spotters.

It worked for Eddie Stobart. They could supply spotter books that you had to have signed by the guy that collected the trolleys just to prove you had been to the store.

I had been advised to prebook the ferry as it gets busy. I had booked a single crossing to the Isle of Arran for a 15.20 departure and we reached the port in good time and drove straight to the boarding lanes. It was at this point that something very strange happened. We drove up to the ticket booth were the lady attendant said “hello, I expect your visiting your brother” “tell him I said hi”. As I don’t have a brother living on Arran we were just slightly perplexed, but in true British style we smiled and drove on. I don’t know why I didn’t ask her what she meant.

The excitement started to kick in as the extreme knitter didn’t known we were going to Arran and a ferry trip always adds to the adventure.

arran ferry 8th (2) (2000 x 1500)

Taking a dog on a ferry has some drawbacks. Some ferries make you sit in a seating area solely for dogs and owners. With a crossing taking an hour it would be nice to wander about, so we had to take it in turns to dog sit. I’ve noticed on this and previous ferry crossings that people without dogs sit in the dog seating areas. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps they prefer the company of dogs.

We are lucky that Ruby will do her toilet business on command, so she had an empty bladder before we boarded. 1 hour later, the ferry ramp slowly lowered on to the Isle of Arran and there was a mass exodus of vehicles from its bowels. It always makes me feel like we are on the starting grid on the ferry waiting for the green light to start the race.

The Calmac ferries run excellent services to and from the many islands dotted around Scotland. The one way crossing for two adults and a campervan only cost £22.50.

We don’t take to much food with us as we like to buy fresh from the shops on our travels. We hadn’t planned our evening meal and the fish and chip shop looked promising, but we have to pace ourselves, perhaps later in the week.

Exiting left out of the port we were making our way to the Seal shore campsite in the southern part of Arran. I had phoned whilst waiting to board the ferry to book three nights on this beach side campsite. I wasn’t to sure about the possibility of wild camping on Arran and as we would be here for a few days and the luxury of a camp site with electric hook-up, toilets and showers was too appealing. We will see how things work out during the next few days. Wild camping is always something we play by ear, if it feels right we’ll go for it.

Following the tight, sometimes single track roads lead us to Seal Shore. I had read how good this site was, but Wow!!. We were pitched up overlooking the sea with a light house in the distance and rock formations where the seals feed.

Seal Shore Campsite

seal shore camp

We just sat and chilled the evening away. It doesn’t get any better than this.

seal shore camp2

Tallulha the Hula enjoyed the sunshine

talula the hoola



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