The Isle of Arran Debrief

When ever we get back from a trip I always regret not wild camping in more places.

I always find things and places we should have done and visited after we’ve returned. Making me think we’ll have to go back again. There were loads of wild camping stops On Arran.

The results on the diesel rhino additive were good with an increase in the mpg from 35mpg to 39mpg. There was a definite increase in power and the engine ran smoothly. I just need to do the sums to see if the extra cost was worth the benefits.

After all the panic to make sure the Propex heater was repaired in time for the trip, it was never needed as the weather was warm and sunny.

I couldn’t get any Wifi on the trip, although most sites and the ferries offered free wifi, I could never connect to it. My 3 mifi couldn’t find a signal and the mobile phone signal was very sporadic. I think that was actually a blessing in disguise.

As always we end up taking too much stuff with us. Rain wear, jumpers, shoes and random tinned foods for emergency meals. You would think we were going to camp in the back woods.

One of the nice things about Arran was the abundance of tasty quality food and drink and not a McDonalds in sight.

The Extreme knitter didn’t knit anything on this trip. She always carries a knitting project with her, but it stayed in the bag the whole time. She didn’t buy any wool. I might have to start calling her “The Extreme” if this wool less situation carries on.

She was surprised that there was nothing on Arran for the knitter.





3 thoughts on “The Isle of Arran Debrief

    • You are indeed correct.
      I can’t believe that for all these years (and there are many of them) we have always imagined Scottish fishermen wearing their hand knitted sweaters when all the time they were actually from another country. Not only that, I’ve just found that they are called Aran sweaters not Arran.
      I mentioned this woolly blunder to the E /Knitter and her response was “Oops!! Oh well, you can take me to Ireland then”
      This may have started a new quest to find the source of the Arran sweater.

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