Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner

I’ve won, I can’t believe it. I know everybody says the same thing “I never win anything”, but I don’t.

Our prize is a Cadac Grillo Chef BBQ.  I won it by entering a competition run by MMM Motor home Magazine.

MMM Motor Home Magazine




We are just waiting for it to arrive from Cadac, and then I’ll do a review using my amazing cooking skills.


Well, if I can cook something on it without it burning to a cinder it will be amazing.

Ruby has had a miserable week. Last Thursday she visited the vet to be neutered/spayed. We have waited 4 years because she always seemed too small (2.7kg) for the procedure, but we know it had to be done for her own good or so we are advised. It was not a decision we had taken lightly.

This was the second attempt for her surgery. She arrived at the vets the week before to have it done and she was rejected as she had an upset tummy.

We dropped her off at the “Your Vets” surgery at Wythall at 8.30am and we picked her up in the afternoon.

Your Vets

We have been going to Your Vets for many years and can’t fault their skills and service.

Thankfully everything went as planned. She was obviously shook up and feeling sorry for herself.

She had to take things easy and not lick her wound. Trying to stop a dog from licking is impossible. She hated the plastic cone supplied by the vet, so we bought an inflatable neck collar, which she also hated.

The solution was a baby vest that she wore for a few days until she healed.

P1120296 (2000 x 1500)

It’s always amazing how animals recover so quickly when humans would be playing on the sympathy vote and milking it for what it’s worth.

Not that I would do that obviously.



2 thoughts on “Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner

  1. You might be invited to a testing if you bring food. I know they cook Giddy pigs in South America, but I stick with Gloucester old spot sausages thank you.

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