The one with the waggly tail

Dogs for Good is a charity run to train assistance dogs to help adults and children lead more independent lives, at home and in the community.

They were running a fun day event at the Stoneleigh agricultural centre in Warwickshire.

Off we set. Obviously dogs were welcome, so Ruby tagged along.

Out of the blue the extreme knitter decided she was going to enter Ruby into the “dog with the waggiest tail competition”. After all these years together I’m only just getting used to these spontaneous moments of madness.

The competition was fierce with 15 competitors all vying for the prestigious title.

I expected a high tech wag meter to be used to measure wags per second, but it was down to the keen eye of the judge.

The pressure was intense, complete with the pregnant pauses that they use when announcing the winner on the X Factor.

Yeah!!! Ruby came second

She won her first ever rosette, dog treats and a Kong toy.


Admittedly I felt she was robbed of the title as she definitely had the waggiest tail. Not that I’m biased mind you.

Ruby has decided to build on her success and enter other waggiest tail shows.

All in good fun, the event was an enjoyable day run by volunteers for a good cause.



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