Escape to the woods

The school holidays are on us and It’s nigh on impossible to find a camping pitch at the weekends and if I could it was horribly expensive.

My searching for a camp pitch to escape to for a couple of nights proved fruitful as a small site just 30 miles away from home looked promising, but we would have to visit on a weekday.

Monday morning and the camper was packed with way to much stuff for 2 nights camping.

Pulling of the drive highlighted a problem. There was no way I could select first gear. Being an old slogger of a diesel engine she pulled away in second gear, but obviously there was a fault.

It’s quite a common fault on the VW T4 for the gear linkage bushes to wear with age. A quick check under the bonnet and the linkage was flopping about.

As we were only travelling 30 miles and I had booked the campsite. A joint decision was made to carry on. (Hey who needs first gear anyway)?

We arrived at Eriba Glade which is a 10 pitch site just off the Fosse way 10 miles north of Leamington spa. It is set in a woodland glade.

Eriba Glade

It costs £15 per night with electric hook-up.


The small toilet / shower block consists of two toilets one with a shower. These were immaculately clean.

The shower is coin operated taking 20 pence coins.

As we were staying for two nights we decided not to bother showering as we didn’t smell too bad.


The new Sunncamp awning was erected without the usual disagreement, so that in itself was a plus.


The mifi was switched on and low and behold we had wifi, just a tad slow, but still wifi.

I knew that there was a branch of TPS in Coventry that was only about five miles from the campsite were I could get a set of new gear linkage bushes.

My Google search showed that the branch was now shut down.

Ok, no problem I contacted Just Kampers and ordered a set of bushes that would hopefully arrive at the house before we got back. This meant we would be staying on the campsite as driving about would be a pain.

We had our usual previously prepared meatballs in a home made tomato sauce for our first camping night supper. I not sure if this turning into a tradition or are we taking the easy route as it’s a one pot heat up dish. Tastes good though, so who cares.

This is the closest to home we have ever camped. It seems strange that only two days ago we were at the dog show just three miles away from here.



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