Chilling in the Glade

Tuesday morning in the glade.

A lazy, late start to the day with a full English breakfast. Last nights rain showers continued until after lunch time. The awning fared well without any leaks or problems and gave us some extra living space whilst it rained.


The campervan gear selection problems meant we were camp bound for the day.

Today was a fettling and lazing day, when I do lots of adjusting and tweaking of guy ropes and things. We read, eat, napped and knitted.

It’s very difficult to spend the day doing nothing without feeling guilty for wasting time that should be used constructively.

It’s a problem we need to overcome.

I studied the problematic gear linkage to see if I could do a bodge (did I just say bodge? I meant a technical modification) to make the drive home easier.

Ruby had several walks through the woods on this quiet idlyic campsite.


I think this site has grabbed us without us realising it, as we were saying things like “next time we come we will do this” or “we must remember to bring a so and so next time”. The site is open all year round, so perhaps a winter camp may be on the cards.



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