Veteran and Classic

Veteran and Classic that’s me.

The extreme knitter and the feral daughter wanted to visit a local garden centre on a bank holiday weekend. I ask you?

Luckily for me we found the only parking space left in the car park and there was a Veteran And Classic car show going on, so I headed that way and they headed the garden centre way.

After a while walking around the beautifully preserved cars I realised that I had either owned or driven most of the models on show. The Ford Anglia, my first car. The Triumph Herald my second and a Hillman Imp like the one we used on our honeymoon.

VW Beetles and Minis, it only seemed like yesterday that I would be on the road side carrying out get me home repairs using a baked bean tin and a wire coat hanger on these classics. They weren’t classic at the time. They were just run of the mill cars that needed a lot of TLC to provide daily transport. Some were and always will be right pigs that should never be on the road.

They all now possessed two common traits. Good looks and character.

This Bedford CA Dormobile with sliding front doors has a cuteness that would melt hearts.



And here I am with my Triumph Herald and hair all those years ago

me and herald1



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