Adventure Overland Show 2016

It’s late September and here we are again driving Puffin to the Adventure and Overland show at the Stratford on Avon racecourse.

On the way we had called into the local clinic for our Flu jabs and returned some clothes to Marks & Spencer’s.

I like to be productive. I did think about dropping a load of rubbish at the local tip as we passed by, but they have height barriers.

I look forward to this show every year. It fuels my dreams, makes me want to travel more and perhaps push some boundaries.

The stands selling natural products made from leather and wood always draw me in.

I can wander the tools and parts stalls all day, trying to stop myself from buying that must have set of spanners.

Obviously the vehicles are the stars here and the mix is so varied.

I will just let the photos tell the tale.

The French made Gazell demount caught my eye. It’s being sold in the UK by SBS

SBS Adventure Campers





There was a good turn out of Ex army conversions










This Unimog is Mowgli as seen on the blog



Cooking was high on my agenda. I was hoping to find the Hawkins pressure cooker. A simple, but effective cooker made in India since 1959. The small 2 litre capacity cooker would be ideal for our campervan allowing us the cook fresh local produce in a greatly reduced time. If there was one there, I didn’t find it.

Hawkins Pressure Cookers

I was also looking for a silicone mould for our Omnia oven, but it seems that Omnia don’t have any in stock in Sweden, let alone the UK.






13 thoughts on “Adventure Overland Show 2016

  1. Did you camp? didn’t notice too many T4s in the camping field this year (we were just behind the CVC stand, but not in our T4). The lady who owned that Beetle gave a very entertaining talk on Saturday.

    We use the Hawkins pressure cookers. A couple of thoughts – We have never got on with our little 1.5L one with a conventional weight. We burnt things, usually as a result of having trouble getting pressure.

    The other weekend it occurred to me why. Because we rarely bother getting the van all that level, the weight does not sit squarely on the vent, so does not form a proper seal, resulting in a lack of pressure.

    We also have a 3L Hawkins Futura. It is a much more expensive pan, but the design of the weight seems to work even when parked very badly! It’s obviously much harder to store, but we only use this one now.

    • Can you help with some info on your Futura? I’m looking at the 2 lit model and trying to work out the true capacity. When they say 3 lit does that mean that it holds 3 litres of liquid when filled to the top?

      • Thank you for your help. It’s difficult to judge the size with out seeing one in the flesh. I’ll now find a saucepan that holds a total of 2 lit to give me an idea if the Futura will be big enough for us.

      • Hiya, yes difficult decision but we’ve got a HiAce called Godzuki! now. Plan to start a new blog but haven’t had any spare time recently to write anything. Still have Betty, not looking forward to having to sell her in the new year 😦

      • Very sad to see Betty go, but hey, new horizons. When looking for our camper the Devon conversion of a Hiace was high on my list just couldn’t find one at the time. Keep us informed about the new blog. Happy travels

  2. We visited on Saturday, but we didn’t camp as we live locally. I did keep an eye out for your camper, Now I know why I didn’t spot it..
    Thanks for the info on the Hawkins. The problem you had with the weight isn’t something that I would normally think about when buying, so I’m having a rethink. I like the Futura, but I think the 3 lit might be to big for us to store.

  3. A Baja bug, well travelled and with those wheels, it was a show stealer. Took me back to my Beetle owning days. Unfortunately as Betty bus has said, I missed the talk the lady owner gave at the show. I did wonder how it handled with the RTT.

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