The Nooz

One of the things that comes with the passing years is our inability to read the small print in newspapers and I’ve wore reading glasses for a few years now. I hate having to use them. Carrying reading glasses is a hassle and I always forgot to take them with me when we were out. I have to get the extreme knitter to read menus for me or she carries a pair in her handbag.

I ordered a new pair of reading glasses and they arrived the other day, all the way from France.

They are called Nooz and just like the Pince-nez from the 19th century they clip on to your nose without the aid of ear pieces, but using modern materials.

The Nooz are available in several colours, but a little expensive for reading glasses.


They are made from polymer making them comfortable and flexible. They come with a slim case that fits in the shirt pocket.


On the plus side:-

Extremely light 6g

They don’t pinch your nose

The case is small and unobtrusive.



Well there are no faults really.

It’s easy to forget you’re wearing them.

After years of removing ordinary glasses by pulling off with the side ear pieces it takes a little while getting used to lifting them off by the bridge. I still sometimes forget and grab at non existent ear pieces.



Of course the infamous Hercule Poirot wore Pince-nez and there was a Sherlock Holmes story called “The adventure of the golden pince-nez”

I can’t decide whether I will look trendy or just a prat.


2 thoughts on “The Nooz

  1. A few words of caution; I was wearing over the counter readers but having terrific headaches. Optician discovered my eyes need separate and very different corrections for the presbyopia and this was causing the problem so make sure you get your eyes checked … Nursie will now shut up!!

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