Is that a Rat ?

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog about the annoying problem of complete strangers (mainly Men) making comments about our Yorkshire Terrier, Ruby.


I admit that we probably look odd, a large man with a very small dog,

It’s usually when I’m stood outside a shop with Ruby on her lead and they walk by making comments like “Is that a rat” or “my dog would eat that for breakfast” It’s irritating that they are dumb enough to think they are the first ones to have ever said that and expect you to find it funny.

I would love to be able to come back with a quick of the cuff reply, but I seem unable to think of anything suitable.

I’m making an appeal to my follower and any random visitors that accidently land on this site.

I want a short sharp retort that would put these Neanderthals  swiftly in their place.

Sarcasm and humour are required, but remember that it has to meet the intelligence level of the perpetrator.

If you can help, please put your retort in the comments box.

No Swearing though.


13 thoughts on “Is that a Rat ?

  1. The rat comment – “well spotted, most idiots think she’s a dog”
    The breakfast comment – “what an original idea, most idiots think she’s the dogs dinner”

    • Paula. I can just see you saying this. No offence, but I don’t think I’ve got your ability to put them in their place. Lets face it, you’ve had plenty of experience putting people in their place when you worked for the airlines.

    • Deb, This is a bit sneaky. They would have walked away having to think about it before the penny dropped. A sort of delayed reaction.

      • Well at least you wouldn’t have had a bop on the nose Vaughan! Subtle but effective xxx

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