About the Escapees

This is the journal of our travels. Our future plans aren’t over ambitious and the trips and journeys that we have completed so far don’t compare with the many life-changing adventures that I’ve read about on the Internet, but we are happy and enjoy being somewhere else.

We are a mature married couple and a Yorkshire Terrier called Ruby. Don’t be fooled by the Yorkie, she means business.

She was named Ruby because we bought her as our Ruby Wedding anniversary present to each other, so technically she is half mine. Guess which half I got.


And a recent addition to our family is Elsie the cockapoo.


escape route (ɪˈskeɪp ruːt)



  1. a      planned means of escape from a dangerous situation
  1. a      way out of a difficult situation
  1. a      means of distraction or relief, esp from reality or boredom

It’s loosely titled Escape Route as it is our means of escaping the problems & worries of normal life and having a little adventure

There is a page detailing the vehicle we are using and the modifications I have done to make life a little easier, however I will warn you that it does ramble on and can be a tad boring.

Overlanding in its simplistic form is to travel by a road vehicle. It usually involves some form of camping and is more about the trip rather than the destination.

It can be a trip that takes months or years or a weekend excursion to get away from our usual life.

It can be a short trip around the area you live in or a full blown across continents expedition.

It can involve travelling on tarmac roads or dirt tracks

It should be about enjoying yourself, experiencing fun & fear, appreciating the people you’re with, the people you meet along the way and the places you see.

Road to Ruin


3 thoughts on “About the Escapees

  1. Recently discovered your blog and feeling a certain sort of kinship as my Bezzies have a similar age Vdub, they also get technical problems! I’m almost ashamed to admit I’m in a somewhat newer and larger moho – but then I am fulltiming … Enjoying your blog, we have similar senses of humour and adventure methinks! (I also knit!)

  2. Thank you for the comment. I’ve been following your blog for a while as I’m fascinated by the full timing side of travelling. You may find me asking a few questions n the future if you don’t mind.
    Humour, adventure and knitting is always a recipe for disaster.

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