VW T4 Trident

The VolksWagen T4 Trident Autosleeper.

1996 vintage with a 5 cylinder 2.4 Diesel engine. All basic 90’s technology, no electronics, no turbo, easy to repair and maintain.

On our last Scottish trip she averaged 37 mpg

When we bought puffin the interior was in excellent condition, but was a very dated design. Tailored front seat covers and throws over the rock & roll bed have helped.

New seat cover (990 x 1320)

The bed was so hard and uncomfortable giving me back pains when we first used it. We have since fitted a 3” memory foam topper that is rolled up each morning. We did originally have a 2” topper, but changed to the 3” which makes a tremendous difference


I’ve started to remove some of the body work stripes as they make the camper look dated and I want a more pleasing effect, but ultimately we would like to completely respray the body in a metallic grey. To have it done properly would be expensive and we can’t blow our money on something that is purely cosmetic at the moment.


I fitted a rear anti roll bar to cut down on body roll. Again this has made a vast difference.


We have an inflatable Vango Kela standard drive away awning that we use if taking grandchildren away with us.

Alpine Grove


N reg (9)

Rock & Roll Bed

N reg (3)

Fiamma wind out canopy

N reg (2)P1070562N reg (10)


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