Expedition Base Camp

We rolled up at Glentrool camping site about 5pm and settled in. I felt immediately comfortable here. By 5,55pm I had popped into the reception and booked another night. This site was taken over in 2014 and totally revamped with a lot of thought and planning put into the design and layout.

The hard standing pitches are massive, able to take the largest motor homes. The tent pitches don’t have vehicular access which makes for a safe camping area


The toilet facilities are first class

Fran and Jen the enthusiastic owners have invested a lot of work and effort into the site. It makes for an extremely pleasant stop over.


It gained the nickname Expedition Base Camp due to it location in the Forest area, being ideal for trips out to explore.


We were by standing water and the forest, so it wasn’t long before the Scottish midge made an appearance as dusk fell. Luckily it was early in the season, so the numbers weren’t great, but enough to cut short Rubies evening sniff around the dog walking area.

Next morning we set off towards Newton Stewart again as the E/knitter needed another ball of wool for my hat (I must have a big head).

I believe there had been a technical problem with the project the day before and there had been a lot of muttering under the breath as it had to be unravelled for the second time. I have learnt over the years not to ask and keep very quiet during these times of knitters stress.

With sufficient supplies of wool to last the trip we continued down through Creetown where I was forced to stop at a Tesco store, much to my disgust, as we needed food supplies.

Back on to the A75 were we turned off towards Brighouse Bay. We stopped at a small car park with access to the beach, had lunch and ambled along the sand with Ruby making friends with every dog in sight.



Later back on the road, the sign for Castle Douglas came into view, so we made a detour to drive through the small town, then onwards to our campsite at Glentrool for our last night there.

The morning starts were getting lazy and slow. Having lost track of the days we realised that it was Friday and we needed to start travelling in a homeward direction.



A lazy day

We woke up on a showery Sunday morning in Nairn. Guess what we had for breakfast? No, you’re wrong, we had toast and cereals.

This is what happens when you get out of bed to make the tea.

This is what happens when you get out of bed to make the tea.


Ruby and I went for our morning walk in the forest. We reached my special spot, but there was nothing unusual.

The Forest spot at Nairn

The Forest spot at Nairn

There is something magical about this forest, it exudes a pleasant atmosphere. I thinking of having my ashes scattered there when I finally leave this mortal world.

We visited the town of Nairn, as it was Sunday most shops were shut. The Extreme knitter managed to find a clothes shop that was open for business.

Ruby and I took our positions outside and fended off our admirers.

I’m getting worried. If Puffin was loaded to the maximum when we started this trip, where were all these extra purchases going to be stored?

Back to Puffin and we drove down to the beach car park. I find it a novelty that we haven’t had to pay at many car parks in Scotland, but they do charge to use the toilets. I don’t mind because once we are parked we can use our onboard facilities and save paying the 20p to pee.

We spent some time on the beach at Nairn, which is beautiful, and only a short walk from the car park, which is surrounded by pristine parkland that was popular with families having fun and games with the children and dogs.

Nairn Beach

Nairn Beach

Nairn park

Nairn park

Ruby wasn't expecting that

Ruby wasn’t expecting that

Ruby isn’t a water lover at the best of times, but she was caught out when a wave came in and drenched her, she hadn’t been in waves before and soon learned to avoid them.

We had a bite to eat and a cup of tea in Puffin.

After a leisurely drive around the surrounding area we returned to the campsite and called it an end to a lazy day.