The Adventure Overland show

I went to the first Adventure Overland show held last year at Daventry that proved to be so interesting that we had to visit the second show held at the Stratford upon Avon racecourse.

Saturday morning on the 28th Sept saw us travel all of 7 miles to get there.

The show has a relaxed free and easy feel to it with plenty of lighthearted banter.

How I ended up discussing the merits of various camping toilets with a lady visitor I’ll never know, not my normal topic of conversation.The show was massive compared to the first show and so different to other shows. It is best described as a large campsite with stands and displays. You end up looking at exhibitors & visitors vehicles, talking to anyone & everyone.

I wouldn’t normally promote a product, but while at the show we came across the baavet stand. I had previously read about their products on their web site and I was impressed by their claims for the pure wool duvet, but with quite a high price tag compared to a Morrisons own brand budget quilt, I wanted to see, touch and smell this duvet for myself before parting with the hard earned cash. Well it past those tests and with a 30-day return it if you don’t like it guarantee the plastic took a hefty wallop.

Food was a prominent feature at the show with food & drink from around the world. There was a long winding queue for the Camel curry at the exotic meats stand.

It looks like the show will be held again at Stratford Racecourse in September 2014, well worth a visit.

Baavet update:-

Having used the baavet for while now it has proved to do exactly what the manufacturers claim. It regulates our sleeping temperature, so no more hot sticky nights. I must admit initially I was sceptical about the duvet, but have been converted.

One problem we are experiencing is the magic spell that was cast on our baavet by Welsh Pixies that prevents us from getting out of bed in the morning. Obviously a fault we are just going to have to live with.