Pot calling the Kettle flat

Since buying Puffin our campervan we have bought various items of equipment we wouldn’t normally buy.

The thought of using a collapsible kettle used to make me laugh, but now we’ve got one, we love it.

We bought the Outwell after looking at the various types available because it was the most ergonomic when pouring and it was well made. It felt like a quality item.

Only one gripe, it doesn’t have a whistle, but there again neither did the others. I miss having a whistling kettle if only to annoy fellow campers when having an early morning cuppa.

Expanded kettle

Expanded kettle

squashed flat

squashed flat

It collapses quite small which is good as space is at a premium in the camper.

Outwell Kettle

We’ve now gone collapsible mad and purchased an Outwell collapsible colander and a collapsible bucket (with lid), both of which have been used on our recent trips.

The bucket is so handy. I use it to carry dirty dishes to the campsite potwash area. The Outwell bucket collapses in stages, so that you can reduce the bucket height. Which is just right when I want to put in under the wastewater outlet to empty the tank.


Our Earlier Scottish trip highlighted a problem with the two burner cooker hob. With the side supports in place it reduced the working size of the hob. We found that our round frying pan took up so much space it was impossible to use it with a kettle or a saucepan at the same time.

A nautical solution saved the day in the form of a Boaties Fry Pan. http://www.boatiesfrypan.com/new/products.html

The pan is rectangular and designed for the maximum size, but use the minimum stove area.

Boaties frying pan

We’ve used all this equipment extensively during the past year and they have proved to be indispensable.

Bath Christmas Market

We have in previous years visited the German Christmas market in Birmingham. It has become a little same old, same old over years, so this year we needed a change.

During our recent trip to Bath we saw the Bath Christmas market advertised. It was supposed to be large and mainly local crafts and businesses

The Bath Marina campsite we had stayed at in September was the obvious choice again. When I phoned to book a pitch for two nights there were only a couple of pitches available for the days we wanted. The site is a popular stop over for the Christmas market because of its close location opposite the Newbridge Park & Ride.

The Park & Ride was operating late services especially for the market with the last Bus returning at 10pm

Unfortunately the Park & Ride has height restriction barriers, so parking a camper or motor home there wasn’t allowed. The Landsdown Park & Ride situated to the north of the city has no height restrictions.

Monday lunchtime and Puffin was loaded with enough clothes and food to last a week. We are still getting grips with the travelling light ethos. We headed out on to the now familiar route towards Bath.

We arrived at the campsite mid afternoon and decided not to venture out. The afternoon and evening was spent just doing nothing. We had meatballs in a homemade tomato sauce with pasta for supper and as I wasn’t driving for the next few days the Bacardi made an appearance purely to get into the Christmas spirit.

With the dark December nights upon us we settled down to a relaxing evening in Puffin with our new Television. I can’t believe that after all these years of camping that I’m watching a TV. We had never camped this late in the year before and the dark of the night makes you want to close the curtains and snuggle down.

This was another dog less trip. It seems unfair to drag her on shopping trips and I don’t think the park & ride allow dogs on board, so yet again Ruby was handed over to our daughter to spoil for a couple of days.


Waking up late on Tuesday morning and after bacon baps for breakfast we walked over the road to the Park & Ride to catch the bus into Bath city centre arriving at Westgate Buildings at lunchtime.

We knew from previous visits to Bath that we needed to pace our selves or we wouldn’t be able to last the day. The Christmas market opens at 10.00am, but we wanted to have the full Christmas experience and see it at its best fully lit up in the nightime.

We wandered around, taking in the sights and architecture. We needed refreshment, so headed for the a little Deli/coffee shop we had visited on our last trip.


To fully view the landmark sights we purchased tickets on the Bath open top sightseeing bus. This has proved to be the best way to take in the main sights of the various cities we have visited in a short space of time. The commentary gives you an insight in to the history of the place.

Royal TerracePulteny BridgeWeir on the AvonCircus

The city was heaving with shoppers as the evening drew in. The Bacon baps were wearing off and we needed food, so we popped into Café Rouge for an evening meal.

The market is situated around the Abbey and the Roman Baths It was advertised as consisting of 170 stalls selling a wide variety of Christmas goodies and local crafts, but I didn’t think there was anywhere near that amount. I was hoping to find a stall selling Wild Boar hot dogs, but alas nothing.

Disappointed? Just a little with the market, but we enjoyed our day.

We carried on shopping and sightseeing until we could take no more.

Totally exhausted we caught the 8.30pm bus back to the Park and Ride and then walked to the campsite (I’m glad I took a torch) where we collapsed in a heap back at Puffin.

The night was chilly and as we were on electric hook-up, the fan heater was put on for the first time this year. Although we warmed up the cold spell highlighted the need to look at upgrading the camper insulation, particularly inside the door panels and investing in a set of internal screens.

Wednesday morning and we were due to leave the campsite, so after bacon baps for breakfast again and we packed everything away as best we could.

After a busy and totally enjoyable three days we slowly made our way home.