I think I’ll go and eat worms

Technology can prove to be a little confusing as the years pass by. I rely on my granddaughter to help and guide me through the pitfalls of the latest phones, tablets and gizmos.

She does it with a few tuts and raising of eyes, never quite understanding how it’s possible for anyone in this day and age to not know how to e mail a photo or Bluetooth a piece of music.

I thought that this photo caption was very apt.


Extreme Felting

The Extreme Knitter has now added Extreme Felter to her list of nicknames. I treated her to a one day felting workshop for her birthday as she has always wanted to try it.

The course was held at a cottage studio in Hatton, Warwick with six other beginners.

When I collected her she was pleased as punch with her felted figure of Ruby. I was amazed at the likeness and at her first attempt. I’m really proud of her because she seems to be able to turn her hand to anything.

She wants to book another workshop that will hone her detailing skills.

The course is run by Sophie Wheatley from “All things felt and beautiful”  07706279252

e mail :  sophie@feltandbeautiful.co.uk

All things felt and beautiful

I was told that not only was the course inspiring and enjoyable, but it was complemented by a magnificent meal and desert. You would have thought I’d have had a doggy bag.

Unfortunately this photo doesn’t do justice to the texture of the figure that can be seen in real life.


Hearing the Sound of Smell

I’m getting to point in my life when getting up in the morning takes on a routine of consuming various life enhancing tablets and adding bits of technology before the day could start.

My latest add on is a pair of hearing aids that I’m gradually getting used to.

I was listening to a lady on the radio when we were away in Malvern last weekend extolling the amazing benefits of hearing aids and how she could hear all the different bird songs since she started wearing them.

It is correct that using them opens up a whole vista of sounds that you didn’t realise had faded away from your life.

I had a similar revelation to the lady on the radio, but mine was not hearing the sweet bird song.

I put my hearing aids in today and heard Ruby Fart for the first time. I had known that she has Farted all the five years she has been with us, because she used to sit on my lap look up at me and then move away to another seat leaving me with the telltale stink.

I have never heard her before and just presumed that she did SBDs (silent but deadly).

The wonders of modern technology.

ruby pillow



Adrenaline Knitters

Today was the extreme knitter’s birthday and for a short period of time I have become her toy boy again.

In amongst her presents this year was a set of Cath Kidson racing knitting needles. Sleek, colour coded, lightweight anodised aluminium needles built for the more demanding speed knitter.

These are the equivalent of go faster stripes on the family saloon car.


When the extreme knitter gets into a comfortable knitting rhythm the needles become a flailing blur and the rapid clickity click is no more than white noise.

Life can be tiring living with an adrenaline seeking knitter.



And it’s off, it’s like a miracle. The Extreme knitter has finally cast off her boot and she walks again.

Well, walks slowly again, she can now totally weight bear. Her crutches are put to one side and her boot has an alternative function

boot it

She will be able to drive again in two weeks which will be strange as she hasn’t driven for 3 months. I did ask her if she wanted any refresher lessons and she gave me one of those long withering looks. It’s the type of look that most men fear, but hey she’s got to catch me first.

Plans are already a foot (sorry) for our first trips away in Puffin. Lots of short trips and long weekends then a week long break in May touring Scotland, North Devon in June, the list is endless.

Little things mean a lot

Doll was an elderly lady that the Extreme knitter and our granddaughter used to visit a few years ago. They helped with the garden and sometimes cooking.
When Doll died and her family were clearing out her bungalow they asked the E/ knitter if she wanted anything to remember Doll by.
She chose a simple knife that Doll used for everything.
We have Dolls knife in the cutlery draw and we all use it all the time for everything, it’s a brilliant knife. It’s just a simple stainless steel knife with a plastic handle that has always been known as “Dolls Knife”
Its flexible blade helps spreads butter and with its serrated edge cuts salads and sandwiches. Every time it gets used she is remembered

Dolls Knife

dols knife