Another Escape Pod

We have been talking for some time about selling our Pennine folding camper.

We have had many fantastic trips with our folder, but it does restrict our way of camping a little.

It’s never been an on the spur of the moment, lets pack a bag and just go type of trip.

It has to be planned and with it taking an hour to set up not something I want to do on a dark damp Friday night after a days work.

Initially we intended to convert the Peugeot partner into an overnight sleeper, but our travel dreams started to wander and I realised that for longer trips it would be a strain.

Like all oldies we’ve harked back to our youth and the old days of frame tents and VW campervans.

Why not just look at a few VW campers just for old time sake, I mean what harm could it do.

The air-cooled VWs are fetching mega bucks and lets face it I remember driving a split screen van with side barn doors as a delivery van in my younger days. The engine used to be in and out like a fiddlers elbow.

Nice, but keeping them running is an adventure on it’s own.

I saw an advert for a late type T4 campervan which was older, had more miles under it’s wheels and was more expensive than I wanted pay, but hey let’s have a look, so off we went this morning to look at it in a dealership based in Ross on Wye.

We thought that we would just look at it to see if the rock & roll bed type layout suited us.

For an hour we kicked the tyres, sat in it, lay down in it, opened cupboard doors and poked and prodded it, then set off on our trip back home.

The conversation on that homeward trip started with all the negatives and how it would never be right for us.

By the time we were nearly home we decided it was the camper for us.

A day later I went back to the dealers took a test drive checked it over some more (I’d forgotten to kick the spare tyre the first time) and handed over a deposit.

It’s now ours; well it will be when we collect it on the 10th February.

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